๐Ÿ’กWhat's New in V4

Hint, a lot.

Uniswap V4

We're thrilled to introduce a host of new features and improvements that make Uniswap more flexible, efficient, and powerful than ever before. Here's a quick rundown of what's new:

Singleton-Style Pool Management

Gone are the days of deploying multiple smart contracts for each new trading pair. Uniswap V4 introduces a singleton-style pool management system that consolidates all pools into a single PoolManager contract. You can now reference pools by their Pool IDs, significantly streamlining the development process and reducing gas costs.

Flash Accounting

In Uniswap V4, we introduce "flash accounting," a feature that allows temporary storage of token balances within transactions. This revolutionary method minimizes gas costs by eliminating the need for frequent state updates, all while ensuring that no tokens are owed at the end of each transaction. It's a win-win for both developers and traders.

Native ETH Trading Pairs

We're bringing back native ETH trading pairs! By leveraging the new architectural improvements, Uniswap V4 supports both WETH and native ETH pairs. This not only simplifies the trading process but also reduces associated gas fees.


Unlock limitless customization and flexibility with hooks. These are externally deployed contracts that allow you to execute custom logic at four crucial points in a pool's lifecycle. Whether it's implementing dynamic trading fees or setting up on-chain limit orders, hooks offer unprecedented control over your pools.

These are just the highlights. Each of these new features opens doors to new functionalities and optimizations. We're excited for you to dive in and start building with Uniswap V4!

Video overview from the Uniswap Labs team

Check out Protocol Engineers Alice & Sara talk through the design process for Uniswap V4 and how we got here!

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