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Uniswap V4 is not live on mainnet and the code is still open: Uniswap V4 is not yet done being built. The code is still open and available to be contributed to on this GitHub. This means it is not live on mainnet yet. This documentation is meant to be used as a collection of resources to help you start building and testing on Uniswap V4 with your hook use cases until we go live with official documentation for the final code.


In V4 many new concepts are introduced. A singleton-style pool manager design, flash accounting, the reintroduction of Native ETH, as well as hooks. Hooks really stand out in V4 as it truly makes the protocol a great and exciting place for all sorts of developers. Hooks are smart contracts that you can add to a pool to affect actions that happen within that pool. The V4 white paper explains how and where those hooks can happen. So far, the V4 contract contains four areas where developers can add a hook before or after an action occurs:

  • Initializing a Pool

  • Minting/Modifying a Position

  • Swapping

  • Donating

While there may be only four places where you can add hooks, this creates an almost endless realm of possible design and product choices for people to build on top of. And when we say endless, we mean it. You can create a pool with a hook that allows better pricing for large orders with a TWAMM hook, or you can create unique ones like one where a pool is only swappable during the hours of the regular NYSE. This documentation goes over how you would begin to start building out hooks on local testnets in order to start testing out your hook designs. Use these resources to start building new use cases we haven't ever seen yet on Uniswap!

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