For Developers

A list of commonly asked questions by developers

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General Questions

  • When will the V4 be live?

    • This is dependent upon the Cancun upgrade for EIP-1153 and then subsequent audit process.

  • What license is Uniswap V4 code listed under?

    • The primary license for Uniswap V4 Core is the Business Source License 1.1 (BUSL-1.1), see LICENSE. Minus the following exceptions:

  • Can I apply for a Grant for my hook/V4 idea?

    • Yes! You can apply for a grant through the website. Please check on the RFP grants for a list of grant ideas that we are looking for!

  • How do I contribute to the V4 Code?

    • Contribute directly to the V4 codebase reviewing the guidelines here!

Development Questions

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  • Does Uniswap V4 use the same patterns and formulas as Uniswap V3?

    • Yes! You can learn more about Uniswap V3 here!

  • Can you simply take() earned fees? (fees that have already been collected after position was touched)

    • The burn creates a positive delta, which can include all the fees (doesn’t have to). You can then take those. I don’t believe there is uncollected tokens like previously.

  • Why are Uniswap V4 functions not preserving caller context when making calls to hook? It will unveil some powerful functionalities in hooks to include caller context. Or is there any other ways to address that context?

    • You can get the caller as the current locker.

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